Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Boss

Today is a big day in the big courts. They're talking about same sex marriage. They're talking about Prop 8. Comments have been showing up on the twitter feeds and the facebook statuses, and It's been bouncing around my head all day.

Funny enough, not one person has asked me what side I'm on, or more importantly, what I think about it. (I say 'more importantly', because that's the only question of the two I would answer.) I think that's because most people {think they} know what I would say. I think they would be wrong.

So, since this is my blog, and I get to say what I want and do what I want, I get to process the thoughts in my head here. And I've closed the comments about it. If we're gonna talk about it, we're going to talk about it in person.

Most people don't ask me what I think about this, because they know I'm a Christian, and they know I love Jesus, and so they assume that I would oppose gay marriage because the Bible told me so.

They'd be wrong.

I support the rights of gays and lesbians to get married. 


I support the rights of gays and lesbians to get married because I believe in the separation of church and state. I don't want the government to tell me what I can and can't do based on my religious convictions, and therefore, I can't dictate other laws based of my religious convictions.  Moreover, I can't dictate what I think other people can and can't do based on my religious convictions. 

Here's the thing. I support gays and lesbians getting married just as I support non-believers getting married. Just as I support liars getting married. Thieves getting married. Gossips getting married. 

Sin is sin, and I'm ever-so thankful that I don't have to be the judge. That's part of what resting in God means to me. I don't have to hold it all together. Jesus is doing that for me. But because of that, I can't make judgements and rules for others. I don't have to be responsible for anyone but myself, and because of that, I don't get to be the boss of anyone else.(This idea doesn't sit lightly with me. I am the boss of 21 fourth graders from Monday through Friday, and that's a hard, exhausting thing.)

Most importantly, I know that Jesus would never deny gays and lesbians any favor, so why should I? 

Furthermore, I wonder if the people that are against gay and lesbian marriage have ever been in a close relationship with someone who was gay. Have been respected by someone who knows you are openly Christian yet doesn't discriminate against you for that fact. (That discrimination thing- it works both ways.) Known them as friends and seen their unassuming love for each other that doesn't dominate a group but instead compliments the group. Seen it be so real and true and lovely that it makes you question why you might be against it in the first place. Seen it be so real that you thank God that He has not left you in charge of that.

My Facebook stream always swings the pendulum. I have friends that are extremely right, and friends that are extremely left. Tonight, I'm proud of a couple of my "friends". Both I've known since they were itty bitties in high school (because now they're so big that they're in college). I've known them both and been able to get into in-depth spiritual conversations with both of them. I didn't change my profile picture to a red equals sign for the same reason that I've closed the comments on this blog: I'm not interested in an internet debate. You want to talk? We'll do that in person. 

But then I read the statuses of two of my little bitties. They managed to get their point across without appearing to be seeking a fight. (Though the second one does sound a little condescending to Christians. I will recognize that.)
Oh my. These two babies of mine got it.

Now, on to the glamorous life of The Boss of 21... 
grading papers.


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