Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Things on Friday (sitting on babies edition)

Five things on Friday 
(plus or minus a few more)

1. I’m a teen mom again this week. By that, I mean that I am the mom to three teenaged children. Little brother is in 7th grade, and was in my class when he was in 2nd grade. Sister is in 8th grade and was in my class when she was in 4th grade. Big Brother is in 10th grade and was in KC’s class in 4th and in BFF’s class in 2nd. (side note to BFF: Dude. We’re old.) Their parents are off in some far off tropical island, and I’m in charge in their absence. I’ve done this a couple times before, and it was pretty magical then too.

2. Little Brother has an 8am lacrosse game tomorrow. He has to be there at 7:15am. I fully intend to sleep in my car from 7:16 - 8:00, when I have to be up and cheering. Incidentally, I have no idea how/why the game of lacrosse is played, and have no doubt that my cheering

3. This is the family I was sitting on that one time I backed my car into a ditch during a particularly gnarly thunder and lightning storm. Good times. This time, Big Brother drives. He’s taken on the roll of “man of the house” while the parents are away, as my teenaged boys often do. He’s deemed it his responsibility to drive the “younger kids” to practices and such, while I just sit at the kitchen table and read books and play on my iPad. I keep having to remind him that it isn’t an inconvenience for me to take Little Brother to Lacrosse. It’s kinda what I’m here for. Sister is a doll, and she’s precious and I love her. She’s taken on the roll of Mom while the Real Mom is off on the beach with their Real Dad. She reminds Little Brother that it’s trash day and that they have piano practice, and that they pray before they eat.
It’s absolutely magical.

4. Their entire family is centered around two things: God and Music. I could very well be a member of this family. They have a piano room off the entrance, and a baby grand piano that has an image of John Lennon on it that looks like it may have been drawn by Quentin Blake (Roald Dahl's illustrator). While this means that I'm continuously shuffling (or asking Big Brother to shuffle) kids back and forth between The Piano Teacher With the Ditch, it also means that there is constantly piano music being played, as I play Name That Tune with what they're playing. It is so calming and beautiful. 

5. There are two other members of this family (and continuously under my feet). Fergie and Bono (see musical note above). They are Golden Doodles, and have the most hilarious quirks. Fergie loves to be outside/Bono loves to be inside. Fergie requires immediate attention- and will paw at my hand to get it, and knock my elbow off the table if it means my hand will land on her back for petting. Bono likes to play fetch but will not give the ball back once he has it. There's a chance I'm going to try to fit them into my Vera Bradley duffel to take home. 

+ This may very well be the last post on this wretched old computer that I'm using. The new MacBooks are in, and I'm on the list to get one. They are trying to get it to me before I leave school for the weekend. I've got fingers and toes crossed. 

+ Now that my computer knows it's being replaced, it's decided to be on its best behavior. Nice try computer. Nice try. 

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