Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Teacher Appreciation gift that keeps on giving

Dear Tuesday: WHAT THE HELL?!


I was going to write about my new Mac, and how once you go Mac, you never go back. 
I was going to write about Project Life, and how I've fallen semi-behind. 
I was going to write about how I've been sitting on babies so much I've given my mother the clicker. 
I was going to write about how I've been sitting with mostly teenaged/tweenaged boys and it is slowly escorting me to an early grave. 

But then Tuesday went and kicked my a$$, and now I'm even staying up past my bedtime to write about it. 

What's even worse, is that Tuesday led me to believe it would be a normal day. We're working on some classroom/computer projects, which is pretty funny, but not too terribly taxing. All was normal and routine, and then...

3:45 Tuesday came and smacked me in the face!

My eye started itching, which happens every 37.4 seconds because I am allergic to air and children, two things I'm around all the time, so I didn't think it was too big of a deal. Until 15 minutes later when I looked in the mirror and diagnosed myself as having pink eye. 

Called the dr. office, and they couldn't fit me in. Couldn't fit me in?! I didn't need the doctor, nor the PA for that matter. I'm fairly certain that the receptionist, or any of the other patients in the waiting room for that matter could look at me and say "yeah. That's the Pink Eye." From there, all I needed was a script for some drops and I'd be on my merry way. But no. They couldn't see me until tomorrow. No copay for you friend. 

Go to the Rapid Med clinic, where the receptionist actually did take one look at me and say "I'll fit you in." The doctor came into the room and asked what I was seeing him for, and when I said "I'm a teacher and I think I have pink eye," he looked at me all squinty-like and said "Yeah. That's the Pink Eye." He left me with a script and sent me on my way. 

I sent it to the Target, as I had a little shopping to do. I thought it probably wouldn't be ready, so I did my shopping and waited in line. They told me they got it and it would be filled at 6:15, which was 45 minutes later. Paid for my items and went home. 

Came home, greeted Daisy, sat on the couch for a minute, and the princess asked me for water by batting her bowl across the floor. Pick up bowl. Turn on faucet. 

No running water. 
Like, at all. 


I called the emergency maintenance and left a message. I did a quick survey of what else I needed to get at Target because Oh yeah! I'm supposed to make a cake for a luncheon tomorrow at school. This will be super fun without running water. 

Go to Target, leave the dog barking in the car. Run get milk. Get butter. 

Eggs? Well, they're no where to be found. There's a ridiculously large EMPTY SPACE in the cooler aisle where the eggs were supposed to be, but the only thing left were organic, cage free eggs. I'm so NOT organic, or really cage free, but that was what was to be had. I even took a picture, but am too tired to load it here (see above reference to it being past my bedtime). 

Go to the pharmacy counter. They have my prescription, but it will be 15 MORE MINUTES before it is filled. It's a full hour and a half after it was sent. Sigh. 

Go sit in car with dog. Drive through somewhere for dinner because at this point, my tummy requires more attention than my eyeball. Eat in my car. Go back into Target and wait in line, composing the following tweet:
3hTarget. This is my third time to try to retrieve my Rx. If you tell me 15 min one more time, I will unleash a pink eye pox upon your house.
Finally my medicine is ready.

Now I get to cook. With no water. Sigh.

Finally, after KC offers to let me come stay at her house, the water comes back on and we all live happily ever after.

Except for when I try to put eye drops in my eyes.
I take after Rachel (Friends) when it comes to eyes and eye drops.

I don't know. I think Britney's got a better shot than I do at this point. 

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