Thursday, May 23, 2013

{project life} week 13

Easter Weekend

Documenting: ESL training, accidentally taking a shot of alcohol at school, texts, pedicures with mom, photographing an Easter wedding, an egg hunt, and Easter morning.

Full Spread:

Left side:

Loved: including the wrapper from the candy that I accidentally ate, including the text from Cara, using the Olive kit journal card to tell the story, the grid card
Meh: the label on the picture. Thought it would be a good idea. I was wrong.

Right side:

Loved: the cards from the Holidays mini-kit that I recently bought at Hobby Lobby, picture of church on Easter Sunday, picture of church from wedding.
Meh: picture/journaling of dinner, writing on picture of church

There was an insert here too, a simple set of instagram pictures of Easter weekend on one side and a couple of pictures of Daisy and one of my students during their play date. Too much blurring to include here.

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