Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{project life}- week 12

I am so glad i'm getting these on the bloggity blog. 
And can I just say that having a Mac makes it a bazillion times easier?
(Having a consistently functioning computer is also what makes it easier).

Here it is... Week 12

Documenting: back to work after spring break; 4th grade swimming; STAAR prep; letters to my girls, and a birthday.

Full Spread:

Left Spread:

Right Spread:

I had two inserts. One was the pictures I took of the boys I was babysitting, so I didn't photograph it as it would have been one big blur.

The other one documents swimming and my birthday, which also took place this week:

I had a free 8 x 10 from Walgreens, so I put together a collage of each kid doing something during swimming
and then added the thickers to complete it. I love this collage.
Screenshot of 50 text messages from KellsBells, all the same. pictures of flowers my parents brought me to work.
More text messages, from The Uncle. The flag and card off my Nothing bundt cakes bundt cake (plus a pic of the empty container), a picture of birthday dinner, and a cake that a sweet mom in my class hand delivered at 8:30pm. And the tag from the wallet I bought myself with a birthday coupon from Vera. 
Loved this week quite a bit too...

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