Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Manifesto

Something is so very different this summer.

Every year, I look so forward to summer. A slower pace and a chance to rest. But this year, I think something's just different. I've been looking forward to warmer temps and days spent outside (something this die-hard inside girl does not usually think of).

Last summer, I saw a lot of people making summer bucket lists, and doing all sorts of summery things, and I read them and thought "that's nice" and then went to take a nap. This summer, I'm documenting them myself.

Ali Edwards does a "Summer Manifesto", which I love because it sounds classier than a "bucket list", so I purchased the files, and had them printed. Of course, then I discovered I didn't particularly like some of the colors, so I went back and changed the color scheme to include the turquoise that's gracing my mantle and sent them off to Persnickity. I'm waiting for those, so I can get started on the little mini-album to document it all.

But here- here is my list of Summer Items. I haven't come up with the actual manifesto just yet, but I'm sure pinterest will help me out there.

1. Take pictures- with my real camera... not just the iPhone. Haven't done that in a while...

2. Read. A lot. First up: The Paris Wife. On deck: The Summer We Read Gatsby

3. Road Trip- to Lubbock, obvs, but maybe to one more place? Just today I passed up the chance to drive to Mississippi with my grieving mother, as that was definitely not what I meant when I put this on the list.

4. Fireworks- haven't seen them in a few years. Kinda miss them.

5. Nap- a given, but so much a part of summer that it would be criminal not to put it on the list.

6. Pool- I live right next to my apartment pool, and love love love the pool water, yet never take the time to go. Changing that this year.

7. Farmer's Market- we have a local one, but I'm not above going to the one downtown one morning off

8. Grow something-  my apt. is the place where plants go to die. I'm trying to change that. I'll have a whole separate post regarding this one.

9. Nights on the Patio/Porch- nights in the summer in Texas can be pretty nice, so I want to spend some time outside enjoying it.

10. Drink- I want to drink some this summer. Wine, fruity drinks, all of the fun summer things you can drink when it seems like the entire world is slowing down and just chilling out.

11. Adventure- Leaving it a little open...

12. Music and Stars- I had this one on the list before I bought tickets to take KellsBells to see Big Time Rush, and I would still like to see a non-teen-band outside listening to music under the stars

13. Picnic- Haven't been on one in forever.

14. Sno Cones- a summer necessity

15. Brave- I need to learn to start being a little more brave with my life, and so I've already done a little something that took a bit of bravery- and been rewarded with knowing it was the right thing to do.

16. fresh flowers- I want to surround myself with fresh flowers this summer.

17. nightgowns- silly, I know, but I want to lounge around my house and on the patio in long, flowy dresses that rustle in the breeze.

18. move more- I need to be moving more, not just laying around on the couch at night. I have delusions of buying a bicycle, but I'm not so sure.

19. Love- it can't be a dreamy summer without putting the idea of falling in love on the map...

20. Decide- I do have a decision to make, one that I'm not going to get into just yet, but already, before I even mentioned this to anyone but God, changes are afoot that will definitely impact the decision.

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