Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is my summer.

It is blazing hot outside (already), but it is cool and quiet in my apartment. There is a dog sleeping under my coffee table, because the two hour nap we took earlier just didn't cut it for her. 

This is my summer. 

I work during the summer, because if I didn't, I'd still be in my pajama pants at 4pm, as opposed to being back in my pajama pants at 4pm. There's a difference, you know. 

Yesterday, for the Ten on the Tenth, you saw some of the images of my day, and how it is drastically different from school life. 
I get in around whatever time I decide to come in (usually 8:30ish- heavy on the isn) instead of having to be there exactly at one point in time.
I work in an office, that I share with one other person, as opposed to 21. 
I can put my headphones in and listen to music and no one else when I want to. 
I can go places for lunch, and take longer than 30 minutes. 
(Spoiler: sometimes I take not only longer than 30 minutes, but also a nap.)
I talk to adults about non-mathematical things, and it's wonderful. 

This is my summer. 

I do also participate in events, such as today. 
Because this is also my summer: 

And on days when that is my summer, I come home afterwards for my lunch break and don't go back until the next day. (I was soaking wet, after all). 

I let Chick-fil-a make me lunch, because after that, a pb & j doesn't cut it. 
I caught up on last night's episode of Warehouse 13, because even in the summer, I don't watch tv past 9pm. 
Then me and that cozy little puppy (who is currently snoring on my feet) climbed on the sleeping couch (not to be confused with the napping couch) and took ourselves a nice little snooze. 

This is my summer. 

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