Sunday, June 16, 2013

What's on my...

I found this a while back, and took a little time to think it out. I'm including it in front of my June monthly Currently divider. (More about those tomorrow)

Here's what's on my...

VANITY | a make-up bag, hair products, my pajamas in the sink (random bad habit I’ve picked up), an abundance of bobby pins and hair bands, and clutter. Lots of clutter.

PERENNIAL TO DO LIST | laundry, ironing, clean the kitchen, clean the apartment, etc.

REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | cheese, cucumber, bagged lettuce, water pitcher filter, wine, eggs, just the basics

ITINERARY | Wichita Falls, Lubbock, Target, my couch, possibly Walmart

FANTASY ITINERARY | Italy, Africa, Alaska, maybe Boston

PLAYLIST |  Vampire Weekend, Fun., The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Sara Bareillis,

NIGHTSTAND | lamp, kleenes, 2 magazines I haven’t read (and probably won’t), iHome, Daisy’s ear meds,  thermometer, lotions and potions

WORKOUT PLAN |  I don’t understand the question...

IPHONE | The Instagram, The Pinterest, The Facebook, The Twitter, Notes, Music, Textity Texting, email, Weather Channel, ESPN

TOP 5 LIST | *talking to The Aunt and laughing hysterically and wondering if everyone has someone who gets them THIS much,
* talking to the BFF while her kids and my dog are fighting for our attention, *talking to the other BFF in one of our classrooms afterschool, *talking and laughing with the Wednesday night dinner crowd (including non-Wednesday nights), *sitting in my room at the end of the night when it’s quiet and Daisy is snuggled up and snoring near me

BUCKET LIST | I got nuthin’ (I don‘t do the bucket list thing...)

MIND |  summer summer summer summer... only eight more days... (and the summer manifesto I’m putting together to remember it)

BLOGROLL | Elise Cripe, Cathy Zielske, Becky Higgins, Jessica Turner, Today’s Letters, Ali Edwards, Design Editor, eighteen25

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | apartment white paint. On top of that, lots of chartruese and turquoise showing up in my summer mantle, and a turquoise and white hand-lettered canvas to bring it all together.  
LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT | gas, Target pharmacy, and a dwindling balance. I’m so close to paying it off. September close. (let’s not discuss the debit card.)

SCREENSAVER | Don’t have one. Don’t need one. Like me, my computer falls asleep after just a few short minutes.

TV EVERY NIGHT | every night- the news, every week- Big Bang Theory, and anything I missed during the week.

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