Tuesday, June 18, 2013


No, this isn't actually one of those posts where I list all the things I'm into currently.

It is, however, a post about Project Life.

When I started PL, back in January, I had no idea what it was going to be like, and what I would include, and how it would turn out. On a wild hair, I ordered the 6 x 12 inserts, which came in a pack of 12... one for each month. I was reading a PL blogger at the time that decided to do a "currently" post every Friday. I knew that weekly was a bit much for me (and her it turned out, as she was done after about four or five weeks), but I thought I could do monthly.

So, I created a 6 x 12 template and put the month at the bottom of each half-page. I had them printed at Persnickety, and then wrote out January's. I showed them to The Mom, and she noticed something I did not.

I did an entire year's worth, with the wrong year on it. I'm special like that. (It should also be noted that I accidentally had them shipped to Utah. All I do is win.)

So, once that was brought to my attention, I redid them and had them reprinted and shipped to my apartment. That is not in Utah.

The real question was what to put on the front, and for that, I wanted to go month-to-month. It's come together quite easily.

Here they are:
end of January- my instagrams for the month

end of February: my tweets for the month. 
This was the month that I started tweeting more regularly.

end of March- a blog post that I wrote

end of April- songs I'm listening to

end of May- what's on my...

end of June-  I'm probably going to do another instagram shot, because I'm doing more of that, thanks to a new fun photo app- A Beautiful Mess

It's been a good addition to the PL to have these little monthly recaps.

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