Thursday, July 04, 2013

Daisy's Fourth of July

So, KellsBells and I threw Daisy in the car and headed back to Lubbock. I drove five (million) hours next to this:

And then we got here. The Aunt was very excited to see her baby:

The dogs were VERY excited to see Daisy, but the feeling was most decidedly NOT mutual:

She and Ellie had to lay down some ground rules about who exactly gets to be the alpha dog.
(Spoiler: both are still arguing about it)

Elvis usually minds his business (unless The Aunt is being sassed by Katybug). The Aunt bought him a  small baby pool and filled it up with water for him to lounge in while they are in the pool. He proceeded to drink from it and otherwise won't go near it. Unless you bring it inside and put a blanket in it.

There is one thing that Daisy is not handling well. The doggy door. My awesomely weird dog is used to going out from an apartment, and not being free to go in and out of the house at her own discretion. Therefore, the genius doesn't know how to work the doggy door. She's special, that one. She just sits on whichever side she is "trapped" on and barks until someone comes and opens the door, or until Ellie comes out and starts giving her the what for and she finally resigns to come in:

I have about a jillion more pictures, to be shared later, but the dogs have been the source of much entertainment this week, and also it took me eleventy hundred billion hours to get these videos uploaded, so I really need a nap.

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