Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Morning Silliness

Things with KellsBells are going swimmingly (save the part where she told me she didn't like water slides- after we got to the water slide park). It's Saturday, so she's snoozing, and since we have nowhere to be, so there's no need for licking, from Daisy or myself (the only proven method of waking the beast beauty).

While I'm catching up on all of the television I've missed this week, as my shows are a little too geeky for her (my words, not hers), here's your Saturday morning silliness...

Updated to add that just ONE WEEK after I posted this I cut
my leg shaving and thought I was going to bleed out in the shower!

Any time I tell a story. And it could be more than 364 days. 

My family will be too distraught over my death, 
but I DO expect someone else to take up this cause...

It has been ridiculously hot here in the Lone Star State
(luckily, there's a cold front coming through)...

Every clean sheet night....

Having just been at a water park that is open to the public...

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