Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scenes from a week at camp (and a story for good measure)

So last week, we packed up my car and headed to camp. We go to Wichita Falls every year in July, and pray that the temps stay under 100. 

The back of my car as we headed to hell Wichita Falls

We got very lucky this year, and it rained on three of the five days. We never made it out of the 60's on Monday. I think Tuesday we got up to a whopping 72. I took two long sleeved shirts to Texas in July and that wasn't enough. Who knew.

 These pictures basically sum up our week- and my favorite form of transportation. 

There was the usual shenanigans and tomfoolery 
(aided by a rocket theme and long range plastic shooting rockets)
(and also- clearly it wasn't grammar camp)

By mid-day Wednesday, the sun started to emerge. and the kids were 
not happy about afternoon water games, as they had just started to dry out. 

As we wound up camp, my nightstand dresser looked as such, and the first thing I did 
on my phone on Friday morning was beg Siri for the location of the nearest Starbucks. 

As usual, we always try to leave the camp as nicely as we find it 
(save a pair of blue skivvies that made their way to the sidewalk outside the nurses' station...)

And finally, a story for you. 

On Wednesday, the weather was clearing up and sunny, and I decided to head down to the ropes course where some of the kids were. Our video guy hopped on the back and said he was "up for any adventure". Famous last words, dude. Famous last words. 

Halfway there, we ran into one of my besties {C} and her hubby, who come to camp with the students, so they hopped onto the cart. Ladies in the front, dudes in the back. Business in the front, party in the back. 

Let's file the rest of this under the category of "I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!" 

About halfway there, the most gigantic grasshopper on God's green Earth flew into my face and hit me in the mouth so hard C heard it hit my teeth. In Genesis it mentions giant beasts that roamed the Earth, and I now know to what He was referring. I proceeded to slam on the golf cart brakes and FLIP OUT. In the melee that ensued, C was almost thrown from the vehicle through the front window because therewasabuginmymouth! 

But no. I did not stop. I kept going into the wild of the low ropes course. 

I knew it was going to be muddy, but this is Texas and I felt certain that there would be a good solid layer of dry clay under said mud. I even avoided some particularly muddy spots as I knew getting stuck there may be an issue. All was going well until I saw a rather large mud puddle on the path I was taking. 

I'm sure you {think you} know where this is going, and you're partially right. Party Boy (C's hubby) heard me say "hold on" and knows me enough to do the opposite of holding on, which is jumping off. That's why he's the only one that came out reasonably clean. 

We hit the mud puddle with such force that C had mud splattered up her arm. We went whoosh  and then immediately squish. We all looked at each other and then promptly laughed and started pushing. Camera kid immediately lost a flip flop in the mud, and I followed suit thereafter. Party Boy and Camera guy had to do most of the heavy lifting, as at this point, I discovered that not only had I gotten us stuck in a mud puddle, but I had gotten us into a mud puddle that had once been a fire ant colony. 


We eventually got the golf cart out of the mud, and as C pointed out, I now had an entire ecosystem on the tire. 

 We drove it out of the forrest, and over up by the pool, still roughly 37.4 zillion miles from where we were going to go clean up after MudAndAntFest 2013.

That's where it completely died.

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