Saturday, August 10, 2013

Single girl goes to a wedding

I went to a wedding reception tonight. I rarely go to receptions anymore, but this ceremony was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming a week ago. Tonight was the friends and family reception.

I've known this couple since they were at children's camp when they were in sixth grade. I've known them since before they were a couple, and I took her prom dress shopping for her first prom with him. (We found and purchased the dress that day.)

This is about the only reason that I would go to a wedding reception anymore. I absolutely hate weddings. Hate them. I'm a single girl. Nothing about weddings is appealing to me.

I was going to write a whole post about everything I went through today to get ready for this wedding. But here's the shortened version: got a new dress, curled my hair, liberally applied make-up, and tried my damnedest to look pretty in 97 degree heat.

And then, I went to the reception, waited in line, signed the guest book, and went in.
A sea of tables.
No one my own age.

See, that's the part I hate about weddings. While weddings are a celebration of two people's love, they are horrible for the single girl. A sea of tables, and no where to sit. There were several people there that I knew, and they would have made room for me at their table, and we would have all talked all night, but there's still that feeling of being the third (or fourth or fifth) wheel.

Fortunately, as I was walking in, a very good friend happened to be passing by and mentioned that she was up in the sound booth and invited me to join her there.

From there, all the pressure was off. I could enjoy my Babe's chicken using the fanciest plasticware ever seen.


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