Thursday, August 08, 2013


First of all, I rarely participate in Throwback Thursday, but tomorrow, someone turns 14. For today, only this one picture. But tomorrow... be prepared for more.

I've been meaning to post all of the random thoughts that have been scrolling through my head as of late, in one of my random postity posts, but then, I forget them because they're not exactly important. 

Then, as I was sitting down here to write this, I got an email indicating some changes at school, so I'm texting KC and others and now it's 10pm and I should be in bed.  (P.S. Just now I went to look for Daisy, and I realized that I'd left the door cracked, so she's already put herself to bed. Lightweight.)

Here's what's going on in my head as of late:

- Just yesterday, I wrote about weaning myself off naps. Today, I didn't intend to take a nap, but when I laid my head down, Ellen was on, and when my phone rang, the news was on... hmmm.

- Speaking of the phone, I'm getting daily calls from an 866 number, and when I answer it, a recording asks me to hold for a very important message. If the message is that important, then don't call me until you're ready to tell me, K?

- Things I have texted my friends about as of late: a television show we both watch that is too intense but so good, a different television show, in which no matter who the characters were it appeared to me that The Doctor was interviewing Mr. Filch, the baby elephant videos I posted and how I was "that girl" who walked around the office demanding that everyone watch this video about a baby elephant, and none of those even address the texts that The Aunt and I send. I should really do another Text Message Tuesday about those.

- I ran out of my OTC allergy medicine, and while I'm not sneezing, every night I start to itch until I want to claw the skin off my arms and feet. Weird, I know.

- I'm going to a reception this weekend for two kids that I knew when they were sixth graders but are now married, and I can't figure out what to get them. What do you get the newlywed you've known since they were 12?

- There's going to be dancing after their reception, but I'm going to skip that part and come home instead, because I don't want to sit there all night with no one to dance with. And despite my winning personality and up-for-anything attitude, this white girl seriously can't dance.

- I had to email my boss's boss today (for something totally unrelated to my boss), and I wanted to start the email with ' me... um... sorry to bother, but... um...' I chose not to.

- I desperately have to be in my classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, so I've been all but harassing my custodian about getting the floors done before then. This is reason #374 I bring him lunch every year before school starts.

- I went to Target today and bought a skirt, and as the eighteen year old boy checking me out was scanning it, he held it up and said "I like this skirt. It's really pretty." It gave me a bit of a confidence boost, but then left me wondering why I was so flattered by the check out guy at Target giving me a compliment. (I actually know the answer to that, but that's a long and somber blog post that's not going to happen).

- My summer schedule is so relaxed and my wardrobe is so routine that the other day, I opened the dryer to put a load in, and found a load already there. I found three pieces of clothing that I had been missing. Seriously.

- I'm tired of the heat already.

- I might be addicted to mantle decorating. I've taken down the summer mantle to put up a back to school mantle. Who does that? (Answer: people on pinterest, because that's where I found my inspiration.)

- It's way past my bedtime even if it is summer time and I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow until 10am.

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