Sunday, September 08, 2013

Cast of Characters

Since I'm ready to begin blogging again, and this year is going to be quite a doozy, I thought I'd introduce you to the cast of characters.

The regulars:
KC- My work bff. She teaches the reading/social studies part of our team of three, and she and I have been partners in this fourth grade endeavor for a good five years now. We actually hang out on the weekends and during the summer, which tends to wig the kids out a little. 

G- The other part of our team of three. She's the most compassionate member of our team, and really feels for other people. She's also the one on our team who's the least afraid of conflict (with me being the most afraid- no surprise there). 

The Others- the two teachers that make up the other two on our fourth grade team. Each year there is increasing friction between "them" and "us". It's worse than ever before this year, mostly because KC and I tried to ease some of it, and it blew up in our faces (un-fun story for another time...)

The New AP- he doesn't play much into the story, other than he's new, he's a he, I had to help hire him (nightmare), and he's absolutely precious. I want to pinch his cheeks every morning. 

And then, there's the students. Oh the students.

I teach 3 classes. Mine, KC's, and G's.

My class is awesome-sauce. Golden. Best.Class.Ever. The only awkward part is that others keep talking about how awesome my class is, and it's getting kind of awkward. The parents are talking (love it), but the other teachers see me in the hall and say "wait... they're all yours? that's the best class you could put together!"

There are a couple of characters, though. I've got my own little Punky Brewster, two siblings from years past, and three of the four teachers' kids on the grade level.  And a couple of my parents are a little on the melodramatic side. Otherwise, my hour and 45 minutes with them is the highlight of my day! 

Lest you call me a bragger, and think I've got an easy year, please understand that KC's and G's classes more than make up for it.  Like times four thousand make up for it.

That's where I decided to do a "cast of characters", because characters they most certainly are. After my golden class, I'm hit with G's class.

G's class is a three ring circus of personalities. 
They are not by any means bad, per se, just... just... a three ring circus.

In Ring 1, you've got B. He has two volumes. They are "Loudest I've Ever Heard Anyone Ever Talk" and "HOLYMOTHEROFGODWILLYOULOWERYOURVOICEFORCRYINGOUTLOUD?!?!"
He thinks everything I say is the funniest thing he's ever heard (and it probably is), and he laughs loudly and then can't stop or control himself. He easily draws in the other kid at his table and between the two of them, they can't stop giggling and laughing. Apparently, place value cracks them up. 

Ring 2 is led by M. Sweet Lord above this child is going to be the death of me. She does everything in her power (and I do mean everything) to avoid doing whatever it is she's expected to do. KC and I trade stories of how she's driving us crazy for the day.

Also in this ring is L. I don't even know where to begin with this one. Just. Um, just wow. I'll have to think about how to describe her, but know that whatever it is it will end in "bless her heart."

Still in Ring 2 (perhaps the ring leader), there's A. She was in our kg buddies class, and she was a precious 5 year old. I'm not really sure what's happened in the four years since, but she is going to be the death of both me and KC. While M outranks her by a smidge on my "most annoying kid in the class", she definitely tops KC's list. She likes to argue with KC, which only results in signed discipline calendars. She doesn't argue with me, but mostly because she is never, at any point in the time I spend with her, actually listening to me. Seriously. Never.

Finally, ring 3. Ring 3 is led by AN. I keep asking our gifted teacher if he's hers, because he is that quirky. Love him, though. I did have to stop his math group from singing "Ice, Ice, Baby" and a Michael Jackson medley that included both "Beat It" and "ABC 123". At least he's got some range.

I am not going to tell you about KC's class. Yet. That's for another day (tomorrow). You will have to wait to hear about her special crewe and also about The Incident With Her New Student that almost cost me my profession and my free time outside of a jail cell. (I'm not trying to be suspenseful- I've just written enough today.)

And since I should be grading papers, I found a fun pet video. Despite theme as of late that seems to be "adopt a pet so Daisy won't be lonely," I assure you that I am not getting another pet. Can you imagine Daisy's reaction to bringing another anything home?

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