Monday, September 16, 2013

My friends call me Madeline

I started off my day by having to superglue my shoe back together. At work. And I just now got the hiccups for the fourth time today. So yeah, it's Monday. It's past my bedtime, and I'm breaking one of the boundaries I set for myself about bringing my laptop to bed with me, because y'all.


G's three ring circus class has done it again. And today's story? Doesn't even involve one of the aforementioned cast of characters. (Well, one of two stories does, but that story is basically that M was being such an idiot that I almost looked at her and said "Are you having some sort of seizure? Because this is dumb, even for you." But I didn't. Again, I value my job. Or something like that.)

No, no. This story involved two other girls. I'm going to give them made up names, because even letters won't do this little story justice. We'll call girl one Mackenzi, and the other one Madeline.

The story begins on Friday. I had G's class in the computer lab, fighting for our dear technological lives, so I didn't care too much when Mackenzi came in late to my class. I just got her started on her spelling test and math program. Later, when she only got two math problems done because she was playing catch up, I asked where she had been. Leap testing, she told me. (Leap is our gifted program). No big deal, but  I had her write it across the top of the paper so that I would know why it wasn't done. I remembered thinking we were testing Madeline, but maybe I heard wrong and thought nothing of it.

This weekend, I went into our student database, looking for some information, and noticed that we were testing Madeline for Leap, but that we had tested Mackenzi in January. Huh. We usually have to wait a year to retest. I'll have to remember to ask the Leap teacher.

So, this morning, I see the Leap teacher walk by, and she's got Madeline. Later on, she comes to my room, because she's a good friend and we hang out and discuss ways we could run the school better, and I ask her about the little mix-up. And she starts to think about Friday, and realizes that it was a different kid she tested.

She says that would explain why when she asked the girl she was testing if her name was Madeline she said "well, my friends call me Madeline."

Y'all. Not. Even. Her. Name.

Went to Leap testing even though it was not her.
And Madeline? I have no doubt she was even paying attention long enough to know that she was supposed to be gone.

Bat. Shit. Crazy.

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