Friday, October 04, 2013

Scenes from early October

I've wanted so much to blog lately, but I have been so very busy. There's nothing truly blog-worthy, story-wise, or I would have  blogged immediately.

Life's been just ever-so-daily. And that's kind of okay...

I've been taking pictures here and there, mostly on my phone, so I thought I'd share some scenes from an early October.

Learning our nines tricks with multiplication

A list. Lots of "books" to deal with

My artwork board by my desk.

A busy month in the classroom asa well. 

A special visitor adds a third set of toes.

She says neener neener as she gets to sleep and I am still up working

A lamp for the classroom and a big body pillow for me. 

Puppy, baby, and Big Bang Theory. (Neil Diamond is a bonus)

Patiently waiting for "that baby" to leave.

Newly covered body pillow. Love.

A welcome art project to take me away from the paper grading.

Confiscated iPads.
 I don't mess around when I tell you not to use it and you choose to play a game. 
And finally, my very favorite part of the week. As you remember the cafeteria fare of your childhood, understand little has changed. So, when I walked into the cafeteria before school on Tuesday morning, and found a little piece of paper on the floor, I knew upon reading it that a picture was a must.

They are serious about their food demands.

Reel serious.


  1. you are SOOO lucky to have blogged when you did - I was either A) sending out the posse to find you or 2) going to write nasty letters until you caved and started blogging again

  2. It sounds like an interesting series. I will check it out

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