Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful, the last installment...

Day 22-
A lovely picture of my littles. That I will not be sharing here.
I am so very thankful for them. For better or worse.

Day 23-
For ideas for Christmas and a jump start on getting it put together.

Day 24-
For Sunday snuggles with this yahoo.

Day 25- 
For impromptu calls from the BFF and cook it in front of you Japanese food. 

Day 26- 
For days off to prepare for Thanksgiving

Day 27-
For turkeys to thaw out and family traditions to prepare for.

Day 28-
For dirty dishes that mean we had plenty.

Day 29-
For my new toy, and my mom that stood in line and helped me with it.


  1. Love the colors in your already wrapped packages! What a bright and happy Christmas you have started on. We had to do the turkey in the sink on Wednesday night - was so happy it was thawed when I got up on Thursday!

  2. I like that you celebrated dirty dishes. It is important to remember to be thankful for those everyday aspects, even those that are often seen as negatives!



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