Monday, November 25, 2013

Thoughts from a cold November in Texas

First, let's talk about the weather.
Here in Texas, winter got a little drunk and woke up in the middle of fall.
And if we are getting ice and snow in November, I'm very scared of January and February.

I'm thinking I watch a little too much Big Bang Theory. I just sang the intro flawlessly, and Daisy didn't flinch when I threw my arms up in the air and yelled the end "BANG!"

I'm three episodes behind on The Walking Dead, and I just haven't found the right time to watch them, with the 'right time' being not just before bed, or just when I wake up, or…

I'm already in the midst of my Christmas playlist putting together, but the real problem is that there are a lot of really good songs out there right now that have nothing to do with Christmas, and I don't want to wait until January to listen to them.

I just misspelled January so badly that even my mac's autocorrect didn't pick it up.

I put the fall mantle back up and took the halloween mantle down, but now I've made a thankful banner, and I can't for the life of me figure out how I want to hang it.

I used a formula for my Christmas lists this year (want, need, wear, read), and it has exponentially helped me get my Christmas act together. I'm about 35% done with purchasing, but am 72% done with figuring out what I'm getting for everyone. And it's not even Thanksgiving. Boom.

Yes, I stopped what I was doing, pulled up my Evernote file, and did the math to figure that last one out. And yes, I'm working on my Christmas list through a spreadsheet I keep in Evernote.

When my mac autocorrects something, no matter how many times you go back and change it to what you want it to be, it will not allow the misspelled word. It is relentless.

When The Great Sickness hit (completely a post in and of itself), I quit watching tv past 8pm instead of my other deadline- 9pm. I think it makes me a little happier and calmer at night.

I found this this morning, and it made me laugh. I really want to pull it out when my kids are not getting along.

Here's what I'm reading on the internet (and totally loving)
- I pink puffy heart love Agent Coulson. He's got my kind of sass.
- Date a Girl Who Teaches
- The more accurate "Don't Date a Girl Who Teaches" (P.S. This blog is my new favorite. She writes about what teaching is really like)

And I wouldn't leave you without a video.
Of penguins.
Chasing a butterfly.
You're welcome…

Tomorrow, I'll tell you why I absolutely love having a week off.

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