Tuesday, November 05, 2013

There's this...

I want to blog right now.

Really. I do.

But there's this:

And my new best friend this:

There's a lot of this:

Which includes some of this:

Which hasn't much helped this:

And, because I'm all sickly, I'm still me, so things like this happen:

If you know me, this is like a big box of ze anthrax hopping up on my counter.

And, finally… a text message. The BFF and I haven't connected lately, as life has been busy for us both, but here's a lovely example of our relationship: (I'm the green)

And, why wouldn't my dog also be sick? Only, she doesn't get the fever and the hacking cough. She gets the lick-the-walls-until-she-vomits sickness.

Super fun!

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