Monday, December 30, 2013

29 things from December (on the 30th, naturally…)

1.  Throughout the month of December, it appears that I've forgotten that I have a blog. 

2. I got a new TV on Thanksgiving, and it is awesome. Unfortunately, I have not been able to remove the old, ginormous tv, so it is still square in the middle of my living room. I'm one classy broad...

3. I have learned how to use smart folders in iPhoto, and my organization has been taken to a whole new level.

4. One of the reasons I didn't blog in December was because: long division. Taught by the light of the full moon.


5. I decided to start journaling again, because it is healthy for me. I'm not off to that great of a start.

6.  A lot of my church kiddos are home from college, so my pinterest boards have about 50 million new pins every hour. Lots of quotes and inspiration, and quite a bit about Middle Earth.

7. I showed The Aunt something on Pinterest today, and it was something she had pinned. It's gotten that bad.

8. For the first weekend of December, I went to the LBB to help with/photograph my cousins wedding. It was cold.

9.  Like, REALLY cold. Single digits cold. And icy.

10. From the cold icy temps came my favorite picture of the entire year. Whenever we have the dogs in the car, we pretend to let them drive, and I am always snapping the pictures. This was by far the best. We've titled it "Jesus Take the Wheel". (It's also now on a canvas to be hung in my apt.)

11. Due to unforseen circumstances (I have ADHD), I am out of my ADHD medicine and have been almost all of December. Do you know how hard it is for people with ADHD to focus long enough to get their medicine renewal taken care of? HARD.

12. While I flew, my parents drove and brought Daisy with them. She was so very happy to have all of her people in one place. My case:

13. We drove home. Me, Daisy, and The Parents. Through the icepocalypse. And we all survived, but just barely.

14. When it got home, it was still bitterly cold, and the air in my tires compressed, leading to a low tire pressure warning. I don't want to tell you how long I drove around with that warning blinking, thinking the air would just uncompress and go back to normal.

15. When I get home from Lubbock, I need to put air in my tires. Just saying.

16.  Saw this in Hobby Lobby and had to stop to take a picture. After I stopped giggling first.

17. I did a November album and a December Daily album. Both have all of the pictures in the right places, but none of the journaling. Zero. Zilch. (And they may never…)

18.  I'm also two months behind in my Project Life, but I've got a pretty good system down to get the pictures in place in one sitting, but it may take the entire year 2014 to get the journaling done. See #17.

19.  I'm going to do Project Life in 2014 as well. I bought my core kit for the year today, 40% off, of course. I'm super excited.

20. I was all ready to switch from Time Warner Cable to Verizon FIOS, and TWC gave me a Christmas present called 3 free months of Showtime. Now, I'm a devoted customer until at least March. Well played TWC.

21. I'm trying to decide between Netflix and Hulu plus. It is very hard. This is something people have lots of feels about. I have decided to go with Hulu Plus to begin with, and then eventually ditch cable altogether and then get Netflix. 

22. Between the wedding and Christmas, I've spent some quality time in airport this month.

23. While out here in the LBB, the girls often get ahold of my phone/iPad/computer, and there's a lot of this:

24. Lately, I have found myself thinking "man… KVIL plays some good music." Which is what my mother used to listen to in the car. I'm old.

25. I heard a song I loved on the radio a few weeks ago. I used the Shazaam app, and was very disturbed to find that it is a One Direction song. Sigh.

26. If I'm running errands on the way home, I go through one red light. As in, it's the shortest light ever, and by always being the third car back, I am constantly going through it after it's turned completely red. To make up for it, I totally brake for all of the yellow ones after that.

27.  I went to The Walmarts after school one day, and immediately couldn't get what I wanted (pictures printed). In the time it took me to get back into the parking lot, I forgot where I parked. Seriously.

28. I tried to supplement this list by adding some of my twitter fodder, but apparently I was very quiet there too.

29. And of course, a video for you.
It combines two of my favorite things:

Kid Snippets and Josh Groban

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