Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday: My People

Five of my favorite things: My People

1. Friday afternoons at school with KC.
On Friday afternoons, everybody leaves school quickly. KC and I both hang around to get things done. We typically end up talking for close to an hour, like today. A lot of times this is when we catch up, because even though we teach next door to each other for eight hours a day, we rarely get to just sit and talk. This is one of my favorite things ever, and today was a good helping of it.

2. When The BFF is driving to/from tutoring
The BFF works her backside off to be a stay-at-home mom (as does her husband), so she tutors some evenings and weekends. She has to drive a good ways there and back, at times on a beast of an interstate. While we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like, we do text rather regularly (anytime something needs to be shared). But some stories and issues are too long to be discussed over a text, and this is when we get to really talk.

3. Wednesday Night Dinner Club
This crew. It's why I go to church on Wednesday nights. The kids? yes… they're fun. But this crew. Sometimes it's serious. Sometimes it's silly. Sometimes a bystander may get whiplash as topics change so quickly, and we are ALWAYS way too loud. But they're my people.

4. The Aunt
When The Aunt moved away to the LBB, I got a little scared, because every friend that had gone away  eventually lost touch. But I'd forgotten that she was my aunt, and most importantly- My Person. We text all the time every day, and call every few nights. For one little thing, that ends up being a 45 minute call. She's my person. Period.

5. And then there's this girl. 
She's the one I'm responsible to, and responsible for. And the one whose snores wake me up at night.

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