Friday, January 03, 2014

Friday Favorites- New Year Addition

First Friday of 2014, and last Friday of my winter break (hashtag sad face).
I'm hoping to do this more this year to get some of the little stories out that don't necessitate a complete blog post.

1. Favorite Christmas Present
 The Uncle picked out this Christmas present for me (he picks out my present himself every year), and not only is it a great tumbler, but it gets me a free Starbucks every day in January. And, as I learned the hard way yesterday, it keeps my coffee warm for 2 hours after I got coffee. Changed my life.

(yes… my tires still have low pressure…. leave me alone)

2.  Second Favorite Christmas Present
Google Chromecast. Since I got my fancy mac, I use it to watch movies. I've also been less-than-happy with my cable (minus the bonus Showtime), so I'm going to eventually get rid of cable and watch everything through the computer. This was an easy set up and I love it.

3.  Early morning snuggles with this girl while watching GMA. 
Today's my last day off, so I've got to make it good. I have about a zillion and a half things to do today, (including going to Starbucks), but I'm carving out some time to snuggle and chill.

4.  Project Life 2014
I created this for my title page (which I LOVE). I'm only using half of this in a 3 x 4 pocket. I'm no where near caught up with 2013, and nobody ever looks at my albums, but it's totally worth it to me. I'm using the Sunshine kit (which I LOVE), and really working to get my stash down to the most minimal of supplies. We'll see.

5.  Daisy's Favorite
In a moment of "the dog's hungry, I have no food, and I've taken my bra off for the night" I dug up some sample dog food from Jessica Alba's honest company to tide us over until the next day. It's a dehydrated food powder thing, and you add water until you get this green, mashy, soupy, disgusting grossness. And the pup LOVED it. I think I have to order it online, and you know it's all organic-y and healthy and made with unicorn tears and such making it more than the petco stuff, so there's no way she's ever getting it again, but in her human's brief, braless state, she tasted glory.

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