Sunday, January 26, 2014

Is there an essential oil for knowing how to flirt?

I have to admit that I ruthlessly stole that line from a blogger that I follow on the Twitter that is way funnier than I could hope to be.

I bring this up for two reasons:
1. A few of my friends have drank the essential oils kook-aid.
2. There was a cute guy at the Starbucks this morning, and not only could I not tell if he was interested in me in any way, I wouldn't know what to do if he was.

Essential Oils are all the rage. Homeopathy has long since been studied, but now Essential Oils are making their way to the Texas area. I asked The Aunt if her friends were on the bandwagon of essential oils, and she said she'd never heard of them. Then, the verynextday, one of her friends on Pinterest started pinning them. It's coming...

I'm not sure how I feel about it. KC is ALL over that, even being convinced that one of the concoctions of oils she made me rub on my chest (because my coughing was driving her crazy) made my coughing go away completely. Or, it could have been the rescue inhaler I had taken a hit off of about twenty minutes prior.

So, in an attempt to better understand the whole Essential Oils movement, without having to go to a Young Living party (which you know I confuse with Young Life every time I read it), I went to The Source of Great Knowledge: Pinterest.

Here are some things I've found:
1. The people that use them sometimes call themselves Oilers. (Houston fb team anyone?)
2. You can use them to balance your chakra. (Seriously- what does that even mean?)
3. You can rub them on your muscles and it will tone them up.
4. You shouldn't put oils near cellphones or any gadgets with high electromagnetic interference. (what-the-what?)
5. Plastic and styrofoam cups will melt with essential oils in them. (it will seriously eat away at styrofoam).
6. You can use them on pets too, but I found exactly zero oil combinations to cure the snoring that is happening right next to me as I type this.
7.  I have to laugh, because two of the essential oils that people use are frankincense and myrrh. So, if it worked for the baby Jesus, it can work for us too.
8. There's even a protocol for treating Autism symptoms with Essential Oils. (This is very frightening to me. Very frightening.)
9. When you read some of the websites and check some of the articles from The Source of Great Knowledge, you will fall into a rabbit hole of reading comments and arguments, and may as well kiss an hour or two of your afternoon bye-bye.
10. I think I may have wasted more than an hour just typing this.

I will say that there is one oil I am interested in trying, and that's the frankincense oil. However, it is ridiculously expensive.

Finally, here is one oil I will definitely get behind:

Oh, and a few other things...

- I had to be up and moving early yesterday, so today was the sleep-in day. I woke-up, went back to sleep, woke-up, went back to sleep, woke up, got up, and then about two hours later felt as though I needed a nap. I'm basically living Sunday as a newborn.

- After I hit publish on this post, I will have posted more in January than in Sept.-Dec. of last year.

- The high here in TX today was 72. Tomorrow it will be 37. This is what January in TX is like. Perhaps Mother Nature should try some essential oils for hot flashes.

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