Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tuesday afternoons at Target.

I went to Target yesterday after school. I went for hamburger meat for dinner, toilet paper, and lady things.

I left $80 poorer.  Which is not in any way unusual for a Target afternoon.

While I only have a few minutes, I wanted to share a few observations with you.

I always have a problem with buying toilet paper at Target. At my grocery store? No problem.

But I don't always remember to buy toilet paper, because it's not something I buy every week.

Then, I go to Target, and in the brand that I buy, they have the ginormous package, and then the super ginormous package.

While I could (eventually) use 30 rolls of toilet paper, my one bedroom apartment cannot store 30 rolls of toilet paper.

This is what I think about (often for way too long) in the toilet paper aisle at the Targets.

And don't even get me started on the hair product aisle.

I use very little hair product, because I am intimidated so much by this.

Other tidbits from the Target trip:
- the girl in line in front of me had a ginormous bag of gummy bears, and I wanted to steal them from her, or at least take a few when she wasn't looking.
- I spent way too much time trying to decide between 90% lean beef and 94% lean beef, until I realized there was a dollar's difference in price and I was putting it into Hamburger Helper. 90% it is...
- I am a sucker for impulse buys. Which is why I bought the pack of orange tic tacs that I desperately needed immediately upon seeing them.
- Daisy likes the tic tacs as much as I do, and I took a video of her eating them, but I can't locate it on my computer.

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