Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Around here- Olympics but no snow

I did not get a snow day today.

I don't want to talk about it.

I'm okay, because I'm taking tomorrow off, and plan to sleep in until the grand old hour of 7am. I have a funeral to grab G and KC and head to, and I plan to hang around school to get some yearbook work done.

It was still hard to leave this face this morning.

I was playing this new addiction game when I got this alert. Of course, my district was not one that had been called off for the day. Sigh.

Olympics are all the talk right now.
They're being held in a place called Sochi, that I could not find on a map that was labeled.
However, they're having some issues, and twitter is all abuzz about their #SochiFails.

When I cam home from school yesterday, with ice on my car, I found this:

Apparently, I live in Sochi. 

There is also much talk of the Olympics where the wild and precious things are. 
Any free time they are given is spent drawing pictures of the Olympic rings. I finally had to print out a set to display in the classroom, as I was tired of being asked what color the rings were. 

During one particular free moment, I received this:
My very own medals podium. 

We are slightly obsessed. 

And, because it's Tuesday, a few Olympic-related text messages:

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