Monday, February 10, 2014

I want a snow day. Bad.

I cannot focus long enough to write a post.

Today was a drizzly, on-the-edge-of-freezing kind of day.

My car door was iced shut, and the drizzle on my windshield was frozen when I turned the car on.

Tomorrow, right as the little childrens are supposed to head out to school, we might get a few flakes and some freezing rain. And we all know what happened the last time they thought it might start snowing when the kids headed to school.

KC and I left each other with the last words of "I hope I don't see you tomorrow."

All of the roads are reporting accidents.

I want a snow day so bad I can TASTE it.

Partly because my weekend was shot, what with helping the hoarders parents move and all.

And here I am, worse than a fourth grader. 

I have not graded a single paper since arriving home (though I have gone out of character and made cookie dough cookies). 

I brought home eleventy hundred more laminated things that need to be cut out. 

Still in my car. 

In reality, a snow day tomorrow would throw off my plans completely. I have to have a sub on Wednesday, and I did not leave school today with the room set up for a sub on Wednesday. I left stuff everywhere. I have a project that I need the kids to do tomorrow, and if it doesn't get done tomorrow, then it won't get done at all. And more importantly, I need the roads to be drivable tomorrow night, as I have to drive an hour north to support a kiddo of mine. 

But I really, really want a snow day tomorrow. 

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