Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Around Here: Bonkers

Things are bonkers busy around here, so I'm going to bullet point it for you.

* I turned 37, so there's that. My students (really- their moms) did it up well, and I felt so very loved all day long. More on the par-tay that was a classroom full of kiddos on the teacher's birthday later.

* My calendar this week looks like this:

* In case you were wondering if aliens landed in the area, here's a picture of The Dad feeding The Dog ice cream outside the local Dairy Queen from his very own spoon.

* As I typed this I heard a dog outside crying so I had to rush outside and make sure it was okay (it was). Daisy stayed on the couch looking nonplussed.

* I hit the jackpot of gum with this discovery at the Target on the other side of town.

* KC and I went to see Divergent this past weekend, and I had so many thoughts on it, I really thought I'd already written the blog post. Apparently, that was only in my head.
The star of this movie was easily Shailene Woodley's hair. 

* The English Lesson that has me laughing hysterically like a middle schooler is titled Punctuation is Important. Here's Exhibit A and Exhibit B:

Kathleen gets around.

*On Monday, Daisy was so despondent that I was gone that she had to spell it out for me in tin foil:

* I'm so behind on one of my shows that my friends like to discuss that I've taken to watching it on the computer as I grade papers after school. Best. Idea. Ever. 

*I was supposed to be sitting on some babies teenagers right now, but their parents cancelled, which is fine, because I'm sitting on teenagers throughout most of April. Whoa. 

* I've got a few 'things' going on here and there that I haven't really written about. One of which very few people know about, and one of which not a single person knows about. The first I will most definitely share about, and the second... who knows?

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