Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Here are five things I'm loving right now:

1. Favorite technology
In love. 
Post and book "review" 
coming tomorrow. 
Spoiler- I'm an idiot sometimes. 

2. Favorite new toy
This is my new toy.
I paid the government some taxes,
and they gave me some money back.
Daisy took it and bought me a birthday present
 in the form of a new Epson PhotoSmart printer.

I'll probably have to blog about it later. 

3. Favorite interweb read
I have taken to skimming Thought Catalog lately, and I stumbled upon this article titled "This Is The Kind Of Love I'm Looking For". I could have written it myself.
Of course, once I got done "Amen sister"-ing all the way to the end of the article,
I realized it was written by a boy. So, there's that.
(And this will make you cry. And feel the feels. You've been warned.)

4. Favorite new music

It's a tie (which is my way of cheating this list).
Nickel Creek has a new album dropping
 April 1st, and I'M SO EXCITED!
And then I see they've been together making music for 25 years,
 and I throw up a little in my mouth.
So, there's that. 

As for favorite new song? 

Brett Dennen
"When We Were Young." 
Go download it stat. 

5. Favorite sweet
Today is National Pi Day (3.14),
 so I'm making a pie.
It's called Millionaire Pie,
and I was only introduced to it last Saturday,
 but it is my new favorite thing EVAH!
Pineapples, cherries, coconut
and sweetened condensed milk.
Heaven in a PI.
(See what I did there?)

A few favorite videos I've seen lately:
Dog gets tired of waiting (even though you know what's happening- still hilarious.)

Update: THIS was on the ABC news today! I'm a trendsetter!

Having a hard time waking up?
This guy knows what's up.

And we're not going to talk about how long I spent giggling at videos to select those two. 

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