Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Out like a lamb.

March came in like a lion (snow day!)
And went out like a beautiful sweet lamby-kins.
Spring has sprung.

Here's the monthly recap:
Yes. And no. 

Move more- yes. 
I'm doing a strong
 workout once a week. 
But that should be more. 

Eat well-  yes-ish. 
I've rekindled an affair with edamame,
 even making it at home. 
I've also rekindled an affair 
with ice cream. 

Yes and No. 
Read Divergent. 
Read some magazines. 
Wrote more blog posts than Feb 
(I think). 

 TV still in living room behind couch?
Mantle still a mishmash of 
Christmas and winter decorations?
Still feel rushed and behind 
and never caught up on anything
Creating and sustaining
an inviting home? 
Not a chance. 

No clue. This one has definitely
hit the back burner for some time now. 

But I did much better with my one little second for the month of March. 
(Please excuse my "snow day!" weird voice.)

(Please tell me that's not what my voice sounds like!)
(I don't know if I'll ever get to publish this because it is 
so. freaking. slow in loading)
(And now it won't load. Nice.)

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