Thursday, April 24, 2014

The story behind the picture {vol.2}

The Mom Creative, a blog I've read since before she had her first kiddo (and now her second kiddo is 2-ish), is doing a new series: Throwback Thursday. While this is not anything new in social media, she's taking it a step further and encouraging us to tell the stories behind the photos.

And I love that.

It's bluebonnet season here in TX, and every year it's just something that gives us a little extra pride. They're beautiful, and mostly wild, and anytime you drive by a field of them, you see entire families posing for pictures.

This was when Kells Bells was little bitty, and The Aunt dressed the girls up in matching white dresses that she made, and we all traipsed into a field near Ennis to take our pictures. (You'll see by the date in the top right corner of the picture that this was taken before the digital age).

I was wearing a pair of overalls that were also handmade by The Aunt, and both Katybug and I were rocking a short bob of a haircut.

I love this picture because of what it shows about me and KellsBells. I have a special relationship with each of my girls, neither one more important than the other: just different. I love how in this picture she's leaning back on me with her arms around me, and not posing for the picture. That's something different for this girl- she's always posing for a picture.

I just love that this picture captured just a candid moment in our story together.

Throwback Thursday Stories

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