Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday: {the car}

So,  I've gotten into this habit of writing five things on Fridays.

Other bloggers do it. They write five things that are important to them now, or five tv shows they love, or songs, or something, or blah blah blah.

I've never been accused of being normal. Nor have my Friday Fives.
So far, I've covered 'things I would have done had I gotten a snow day', 'hashtags I use', 'five apps I can't live without' and 'five movies I love that no one has ever heard of'.

Today, I bring you another quirky edition of Five on Friday.

Five things I could do just based on the current contents of my car.

1. Attend a church service, wedding, or other dress-required event, but not in matching shoes.
My Easter dress is still in my car from Sunday, and the shoes I changed out of on picture day are also still in my car.

2. Toilet paper someone's house.
Unfortunately, the toilet paper I buy at The Target only comes in "family of 6" or "family of 12" sizes, and I don't always have room to store it all. If I have any rolls left at all in the apartment, I just leave the bulk of it in the trunk until I need to bring it up.

3. Save money on all sorts of deals around town.
I get tons of junk mail and very minimal regular mail. Since I live in an apartment, I have to go to a community mailbox to get my mail. They keep a big trash can in the little area so we can trash all of our random mail, but someone was standing in front of it, so I couldn't get to it. It ended up in the floorboard of my car. Sigh.

4. Create a lovely scrapbook of memories.
When I meet with my Wyldlife girls on Friday nights, I bring all the scrapbook supplies, and we just play. It's all of my leftover scrappy stuff, so I just leave it in my car.

5. Celebrate the Bicentennial of our country. (Yes, I know that it was 38 years ago).
Once upon a time (1976), my father bought an entire set of the Franklin Mint Bicentennial Pewter plate collection as an investment for my future. That's a lot of words to say 'my mother won't let me throw these damn plates away'. I've kept them for 38 years, and she's now pawned them off on me. Why wouldn't they be in my car?

Now, I think the next logical thing to do would be to clean my car.

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