Friday, May 09, 2014

Five on Friday: {end of school-ish edition}

School is coming to a close not rapidly enough, and we are all a little testy where the wild and precious things are.

I find myself saying things over and over again to the students, and it's very different from the sunshine and rainbows at the beginning of the year:

1. Are you just asking this to get someone in trouble?
This time of year, they are more focused on getting each other in trouble than doing the right thing themselves, and they absolutely hate it when I call them out on it. It's the little joys in life.

2. Stop overreacting.
We have a bad rash of overreacting running rampant through the fourth grade right now. Yes, sneezes can be startling, but it is not necessary to scream "OHMYGOD!" at the top of your lungs when the person across the room sneezes. It's enough to cost you recess.

Notice it is in all caps and bolded. Because I get to the point in the day where I have to all but yell it at one kid in particular. And the f-word between own and business was implied.

4. Keep your body to yourself!
This phrase covers a multitude of sins. Most of the time it covers those who are putting their hands on their neighbor, or kicking the person in line behind them in the shins, but sometimes, they actually put their entire body all over each other.

5. Thank you.
It was Teacher Appreciation Week, and our PTA had the brilliant idea to pick one of the days and say "hey kids- bring your teacher a gift card today. Any kind of gift card will do." This was the most wonderful thing ever. Especially when I didn't realize that my wallet was sitting on my car until after I had ordered that Sonic drink, but luckily enough one of my kiddos had brought me a gift card, so I was set!

On the last report card, I said "let's finish strong this year!"

In reality, I'm anticipating a slow limp across the finish line!

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