Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Monday Morning in May

I didn't intend to take a hiatus from blogging. 
In fact, I took these pictures week before yesterday. 

We're winding down life where the wild and precious things are, 
so I thought I'd take a few pictures and document a few things 
on a Monday Morning in May. 

 6:11am- I should probably get off the couch and start getting ready for work
(in my defense, it is really hard when that ball of snuggles is next to me)

6:55- Lunch, snack, Spark, etc. ready to load up for work 

7:11- Sonic pit stop- what gets me through May 

 7:29- Morning instructions on the board. 
Now that it's May I've finally got them 
trained to read it every morning.  

8:45ish- Heading to the computer lab to get some work done 
on the project that has taken on a life of its own

9:06- Working diligently in the computer lab
spending millions of "dollars"

9:36- time for the teacher to get some work done. 

 10:32- A few go noodle breathing exercises to get us calmed down after specials 

These are mostly for my own documentation, and for the Project Life album that has completely taken a back seat to Real Life. Such is the case where the wild and precious things are in May. 

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