Friday, May 02, 2014

Five on Friday: {No more puppies}

I'm sitting on boys all week, Monday night to Saturday night.

It's Friday night.
I'm about done.

But I'm also sitting their puppies.
That's plural. Meaning 3.

One is a big old fluff of a dog that sleeps late and refuses to get up.
{It's super fun having a heart attack thinking that you've killed the family dog}

One is a big old fluff like her brother, but is painfully shy and while she wants to see me at all times, and know where I am at all times, she retreats in fear when I go anywhere near her.

And then there's this guy:

That's Pete. He's 9 1/2 months old. 
A legit puppy. 
Cute? yes. 
Puppy? yes. 

So, in honor of today's Five on Friday, I present to you:

Five Things to Read/Look at the Next Time I Think I Might Want a Puppy:

1. That shoe:
That shoe is not where I put it before the puppy went exploring in my room. The puppy has also found more than one of my shirts, and dragged a pair of my already-worn-this-week underpantalones into the middle of the living room floor. 

2. Monday night/morning at 11:45pm, 3:45am, and 5:15am. 
He wasn't used to sleeping with me, and neither of the boys had stepped up to the plate to sleep with the pup, so he was in the laundry room. Until he started crying. Then he was with me. Until he started crying. Then he was lucky to survive the third crying bout that woke me up fifteen minutes before my alarm did. 

3. Speaking of sleeping with the enemy puppy, on the second night of my stay, Older Brother let the puppy sleep with him. He slept through most of the night, and apparently Older Brother did as well. Older Brother, however, did not take his glasses off and put them on the nightstand, instead opting to just leave them on the bed. 

Which led to this:

4. Then, of course, there's the wasted toilet paper that a puppy causes:

This is in the bathroom I'm using.

This is not the first evidence of puppy I've found.

5. This is:

Puppies. They're cute.
Until they're not.

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