Thursday, May 01, 2014

It's gonna be MAY.

Well, hello there, May. 
So glad you could join us. 
April nearly kicked our arses. 
Only 26 more days until my Summer begins. 

I certainly moved more, and have the aches and pains to prove it. 
Unfortunately, I had to miss two practices, and that really hurt. 
Derby weeks are like dog weeks. 
Miss one and it feels like you've missed seven. 
(And I missed this one, so I'm NOT looking forward to next Monday night.) 

Zero books. 
Plentiful iPad time. 
Only 9 blog posts. 
(May will bring a summer reading list 
that I'm itching to get to.)

TV still in living room. 
Away from home for two whole weeks in April. 
This means that my apt was cleaner than ever in April, 
since I clean it and straighten it up before I leave for a month.
Up for May: patio and flowers. 

I'm taking this one as a pass/fail, and I think I passed. 
Cleaned out the closet to make way for Spring clothes. 
Two full trash bags of winter clothes to Goodwill. 
Well, they will go to Goodwill when I get them out of my apartment. 

New project: #100happydays

Not even going to try to load my one second video. 

Alright, May...

Let's do this. 

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