Sunday, June 01, 2014

May's end

It's June 1.
I have five more days of school left. 
{This should explain any bitterness you sense in my voice.}

Grades are due and I just got home from a weekend plus away. 
So this will be short and sweet. 

 I am definitely moving more due to derby. 
I also got a fitbit, so I can track my steps in a day.
Spoiler- it's a lot. 
I eat much better on Monday nights, 
knowing there's something at stake if I don't.
Namely: throwing up all over a derby track. 
 I got rid of cable, so I inevitably watch less tv. 
But I spend more time on the computer. 
I've read two books this month, and 
both reduced me to tears a sobbing mess
from which I may never recover. 
Yeah, NO.  
Fail. I've actually acquired more this month. 
Two words: derby gear. 

That's all for now. 
My head hurts (see "sobbing mess" above). 

I've got grades to grade and comments to make and a yearbook to fix, 
so, for the next five days: over and out. 

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