Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scenes from early summer

I have been on summer break for three days. 
Day one: Walked into my office 
(I have an office this summer!)
and found this:

Daisy is utterly confused when 
I come home at lunch time. 
It takes her a few minutes to get off the couch
and realize it's me that just came through the door. 
Otherwise, it clearly hasn't affected her too much:

In the spirit of summer, I tried my own little concoction.
One of my students got me a lovely raspberry lemonade mix 
for an end of the year gift, and I may have spiked it a bit. 

Many people are surprised that I go straight to work after my school year is over. 
This is the typical look of my days:
 I'm in a quiet office, all to myself. 
I have music in the background, gummy bears 
to myself, and office supplies and things I need. 
It's a quiet little paradise. 
A complete 180 from my normal loud paradise. 

And don't you worry. 
It's day three of summer and day three
of napping with this girl.
Sometimes it's a quick snooze on my lunch hour 
(I get an uninterrupted hour!)
And sometimes, I take a whole afternoon off 
(without sub plans!) 
and we curl up in the cool bed and snooze. 
Her, always touching me, tucked in the crook of my knee.

I love summer. 

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