Saturday, June 14, 2014

Going to the movies with zombies

Tonight, due to a few mishaps and such, KC and I had a chance to do a little bit of shopping, grab dinner, and go to the movies. Without kids. It was quite a treat.

We decided to go to the dollar theater, to see the movie Noah. This proved to be an interesting choice. When we left the theater, all either of us could say was "Well. That was interesting."

Even though they tell you not to use your phone during the movie, some of us just turn the brightness down to nothing and sneak looks here and there. (See: ADHD) Sometime around the beginning of the movie, I looked at my phone and realized that the apps were shaking, looking to see who would be deleted next. One had already been deleted. I spent most of the rest of the movie trying to figure out which app it was.

I love going to the movie with KC, because she understands and puts up with and indulges me during the entire movie. For example, when Noah asked the little girl (who would later be played by Emma Watson) what her name was, she laughed when I said "Hermione." Later on, when all of Noah's sons grew up, I also noticed that one of them was Percy Jackson. It did not surprise her at all when I leaned over and said "Who knew that Hermione was Percy Jackson's sister-in-law?"

But the movie. Such a weird movie. There were multiple times where either KC or I or both of us were absolutely hiding our eyes from the gore or violence or chaos, and repeatedly throughout the entire movie we just kept looking at each other and sharing faces that said "whiskey tango foxtrot?"

All of the times we covered our eyes, gave each other the glances, or exclaimed "OH! That's not OKAY!" everyone in the theater sat nonplussed, calmly watching the movie.


There was a huge 'jump scene'. Ham put his hand down and someone grabs it out of nowhere! There was dramatic music to accompany this, and I tried to jump straight into KC's lap as she tried to jump into mine. Both of us screamed, flew into the air, and slapped our hands over our mouths to avoid full out screaming.

And everyone else sat in the movie theater, nonplussed, calmly watching the movie. KC suggested that they all must have seen the movie beforehand, but I'm sticking with my original theory: they were all zombies.

As we were leaving the parking lot, with KC driving, we were discussing what parts of it were real and what parts were Sci-Fi (because it went way beyond fantasy), and I decided to read the real story from Genesis.

Except my Bible app was deleted.

Can't even make that up.

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