Monday, July 07, 2014

Around Here: Daisy edition

First of all, we are going on Day Four of Daisy vs. the Steps, and we've made exactly zero progress.

Tonight, I'm pulling out the big guns. The treats I give Daisy when I leave the apartment every morning. No matter how mad she is at me (for leaving again so soon after coming home), She can't not eat them.  She loves these treats. She just can't quit them.

So tonight, I'm putting a little piece of one on each step until she understands that I want her to go up the steps on her own and not demand my assistance between the hours of midnight and six am.

Until then, I'm putting the steps to good use.

Last night, I brought a little treat with me before our Steps 101 class, and while I cleaned some clothes off the bed, I put the bowl on the top step.

All she had to do was climb right up there and get them.

She stood on her hind legs and sniffed for a second.

And apparently decided the risk wasn't worth the reward, as she left the snack completely alone for over five minutes.

These steps may work out for me after all.

I've often thought about adding another dog to the family, but Daisy and I have a good thing going, and a good routine down, and that always wins out.

Especially our summer routine.

Every night, when I go to bed, Daisy is asleep just under the bed. Sometime during the night, she hops up on the bed, and snuggles right next to me. I sleep with one arm under my pillow and one arm stretched out on the bed.

Every morning, when I wake up, she is right there under the outstretched arm. So, yes, I wake up every morning to a dog backside in my face, but it's a pretty cute one. I roll over, and she readjusts.

I get up and get in the shower, and when she's ready to get up (which is never immediately), she comes and lays on the bathmat by the shower.

After her morning constitutional, I sit on the couch with a bowl of cereal, and she snuggles up next to me, always touching, and dozes back off.

When I come home for lunch, I tend to lay on the couch and watch tv or take a little snoozle, and she's right there at my feet.

Sometimes, she lays her head down on top of my foot, and it renders me immobile.

Daisy and I have a pretty good thing going, especially during the summers.

And her snore is telling me that it's about time to take this party into the bedroom.

For Steps 101, Day Five.

The death of me, I tell you.

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