Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ten on the Tenth: {Day off edition}

It's the tenth of the month, and every so often 
I remember to realize it's the tenth and 
also to take pictures. 

8:ish- getting my car AC looked at
Because no AC in July in Texas is no bueno

9:ish- catching up on blogs and Kelly and Michael

10:ish- catching up on some snoozles because I had to get 
up earlier than normal to make the car appointment 

11:ish- catching up on laundry. 
It's an exciting life I lead. 

12ish and 1ish were rather boring: 
laundry from washer to dryer, and another episode of Firefly

2ish- catching up on Project Life... 
I'm almost caught up from week 8
This week is week 28. 
So, there's that.

3ish- This should be a picture of Daisy laying on the porch, sunning,
but she saw me come out to take the pic and moved. 
So, now she's sleeping under the coffee table. 
And I'm still working on PL.

4ish- talking on the phone
5ish- working on a project for camp next week:

6ish- cooking dinner

7ish- a little glass of wine to go with dinner

8ish- binge watching Sherlock Holmes 
Season 1, Episode 2

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