Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturdays are for... { Summer Edition}

In summer, 
Saturdays are for...

... snoozing on the couch after an early morning wake up. 
... trips with puppies to the Farmer's Market.
... mascara and lip gloss and nothing else.
... puppies that need a snooze after such a grand adventure.  
... favorite flip flops. 
... taking out the trash like a grown up. 
 ... reading a new book and a bite to eat before shopping. 

... shopping for school bookshelves 
... listening to a summer soundtrack while running errands. 
 ... getting in a little practice after being off skates for three weeks. 
(they're not pink... that's just the lighting).
... cooking dinner and a glass of wine. 

And then I quit taking pictures and watched 3 episodes of a new show that's 
really not that good, but I watched it nonetheless. 

I do love Summer Saturdays. 

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