Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Text Message Tuesday: my friends are hilarious

I am in a texting group with three of my besties. We typically have one text exchange every few days, and individually, we are very funny people.

Collectively, we're freaking hilarious.

One of the things that sometimes happens is that one of us will be out of commission (meeting, karate practice, swim practice, derby practice), and when we get back to our phones, or turn them back on, we have roughly 40 messages awaiting us.

Sometimes, something very special happens, and one of us goes through a patch of no signal. When the others find out that is happening, they send entire messages.


It's what we do.

I spent the first two weeks of my cell phone billing cycle without wifi, which completely sucked all the data right out of my plan.  I'd mentioned that to them, so I'm currently on very sparse away-from-wifi data.

So, last night, at derby practice, I put my phone on airplane mode. I actually do this every Monday, because that warehouse sucks my battery dry trying to find a signal for two hours straight.

Here's what I came back to:

Don't you wish your friends were hilarious like mine?

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