Monday, August 04, 2014

August. It's here. Huh.

I'm skipping derby practice tonight, because at the risk of sounding like a Common White Girl, I'm so exhausted right now I just can't even.

I am in a workshop this week that is mind-numbingly boring (or at least today was), and due to dog-sitting responsibilities, and other things, I'm exhausted today. I'm even getting Daisy to do some of my homework. (True story.)

But I've gotten myself into a pattern of monthly recaps (minus July for some reason), and now I have to keep going.
eh. I didn't buy much stuff in July, because I wasn't home much in July.

Um... I missed a lot of derby practices in July, and then there was camp food. 
This one I accomplished. I read a jillion books. Or four. ish. 
Let's not talk about my apartment last month. 
We can say that the tv is not alone in needing to be removed from the apartment. 

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