Monday, October 06, 2014

Conversations with my sister

I am up way past my bedtime- past even my derby bedtime- to bring you this blog post. I have to ice my knee down for about 20 minutes, so I'm even breaking the no electronics (save iPad reading) in bed to tell you about a few conversations with my sister.

For your enjoyment:

The Sister and I have been spending some time together lately, which has led to two very amusing conversations. Amusing as in "I can't make this $%!t up."

Episode 1:
On a long drive to East Texas with my mother and my sister, the following conversation happened:
(My mother and my sister work at the same company, and my mother works with someone whose name is pronounced "I-E-da")
Sister: Where is IEda from?
Mom: Bolivia
Sister: No, I think she's Indian
Mom: No, she's from Bolivia. Or maybe Bosnia.
Me: Well, those are two very different places. One is in South America, and one is in Europe.
Sister: Yeah, Mom. GOSH! Bosnia is in South America!
Me: Try again. 
1. She's from Bosnia.
2. On this same trip home, The Sister and Her Boyfriend got into a fight over texting and the phone that left her in tears. (Super fun 2-hour ride home.) Throughout this whole crying episode, I could visibly see the thought bubble above my mother's head that said "I am never getting grandchildren."

Episode 2:
(Also titled 'In Which I Almost Smacked My Sister Clear Across The Kitchen')
Big things are happening in the Dallas area, and most of them are virus related.
Sister: Did you SEE on the news the guy here in Dallas with the Ebol-i virus?!?!
Me: You mean Ebola?
Sister: No. Ebol-i. That's how it's pronounced.
Me: No. It's Ebola.

I can't make this $%!t up.
Happy night to you all.

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