Monday, December 01, 2014

Present Participle List for December

**I'm documenting this as part of my December Daily, and just to give you a glimpse of my day today, I tweeted this: My students would appreciate your prayers today. They just knocked my entire cup of coffee onto the floor and we are starting long division
Reading blogs and magazines and little more. Should really get into a new book...
Adjusting to a new schedule that includes training little derby babies but starts considerably earlier on Monday nights- meaning a rush home from school to let Daisy out and get some food. 
Loving the leaves on the ground and everywhere. It's like a strong wind blew in and knocked them all off at once, and it makes my heart happy. 
Getting anxious because I haven't bought a single Christmas present. And did I mention that it's December?!
Working on crossovers and one-foot weaves and suicide stops and backwards skating and a multitude of derby skills
Listening to Christmas music 24/7. I have four different playlists: Charlie Brown Christmas, Modern Christmas, Traditional Carols, and then the new stuff. 
Exercising restraint in several areas: fourth graders, coworkers, family members. The usual. 
Thinking about how i feel like I am always waiting for the right thing to come into my life, and how this must have been when the Israelites were waiting on a Messiah. They didn't know (like we now know) that Jesus was coming. They had no idea that He was headed their way, and when I get to feeling all hopeless, I think about how that whole scenario played out. 
Preparing December Daily, and 30 days of gratitude (both the 2013 and 2014 albums) and trying to catch up on Project Life.
Wearing layers as the cold weather hits (and subsequently looking more like a hobo every day).
Loving the feeling that I have when I leave derby practice or bouts. It feels really good to work hard and find out what your body if capable of doing. 
Tolerating the choruses of "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" as i know it is an integral part of a classroom christmas. 
Anticipating Christmas. And winter. Snow and merriment. 

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