Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In praise of Tuesday nights...

On Mondays, I have to go straight from school, as early as possible, let Daisy out, grab some grub, and be back on the road to derby by 5. I get home around 10pm (on a good night). I try to be asleep by 11. Try.

But Tuesdays... oh how I love Tuesday evenings. Tuesday's my busiest day at work (so glad it comes after my latest night out), but when that bell rings at 3:45,  I. am. done.

Tuesday afternoons and nights are when I have few responsibilities.
I can do things like:
- finally run by the insurance office and have them print me a new insurance card/policy statement
(Which I probably should have done this afternoon)
- go by the gym and get my membership sorted out so I can start going regularly
(Which I probably should have done this afternoon)
- cook a reasonable dinner (or a bag of Trader Joe's pasta- which I did this afternoon)
- get tomorrow's lunch ready (or throw some leftover pasta in a tupperware dish)
- finally do the dishes
- gather all the trash and take it to the dumpster (which I probably should have done this afternoon)

Or, as in the case of last Tuesday night, I can go to bed at 6pm.
And sleep all. night. long.

Of course tonight...
Tonight was just a lot of this:

I'll just go ahead and let you imagine the snoring that goes with it...

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