Friday, January 02, 2015

Lame duck.

I am going on day fourteen of Winter Break.
And I'm about done.

I am very much in need of getting back to a regular schedule.

It's been raining for two days now, and cloudy for about the last five. I'm becoming agoraphobic. I took a trip to the Hobby Lobby today, and when they didn't have the exact thing I wanted, I walked right out. I then went to the Walmarts, got exactly what I needed- even in order- on my list, and immediately went home because I could not even handle much else. I just needed to be back in my apartment, on my couch, with my dog.

This is a rather new development for me, so I was pondering the "what is going on in my brain and my feels?" on the way to said apartment, and that's when I (thankfully) made the connection that I'm just severely out of routine and schedule and it's starting to show up in my psyche. Being off this much and left to my own devices just leaves me feeling completely unsettled.

In Congress and the Presidency, when one guy is on his way out and another is on their way in, it's called Lame Duck. For me, that's what the time between the day I'm out for Christmas Vacation and the day I go back to school feels like.

Yes, 2015 technically started yesterday, but it doesn't feel like it's really starting until I go back to school on Monday. (And while on of my FB teacher friends is saying she wants a snow day on Monday, I don't have the heart to tell her I'm pretty sure God won't do that just based on the potential catastrophe that would be me home alone again for

It doesn't help that on NYE, I stayed out until 2am and then slept until 10, so that last night, at 11pm, I was still wired for sound and not at all interested in sleep. Which is why I slept until 9am this morning, and will probably not get to sleep before 11pm again. Vicious cycle.

I've also been binge-ing. Not on food. (At all, actually- I haven't eaten much over the last three days, and nothing even remotely resembling three meals a day).

Before I left for Lubbock, I watched an entire season of Arrow. (So good... SO want to be Felicity).
In Lubbock, I read three books in three days (The entire "Selection" series by Kiera Cass- not bad actually).
Upon returning from Lubbock, I've watched the entire second season of Arrow. (Even better than the first... even with major spoilers).

So the only cure for this madness is back to school, which still isn't happening for two more days. And while I welcome their laid-back nature, the ability to sleep in and wear a sweatshirt and jeans every single day, this girl needs her routine back.


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