Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hashtag Wedding

The trend in weddings nowadays is to have a hashtag for your wedding so all the guests' pictures and posts can be culled together easily. They are often cutesy, involving lovey-dovey-ness (think #jonnylovesjen) or a play on the bride or groom's name (think #sallygoesgreen for a groom with the last name of Green).

I've come up with a hashtag for The Sister's impending wedding, though I doubt it will get approval.


I had already hash tagged almost every wedding-related text (to anyone but my mother or sister) with #Jesustakethewheel, when a coworker suggested using wedding instead. SOLD!

Here are some examples of the wedding crazy so far:
(please also keep in mind they've been engaged less than a month)

- The sister has already found a reception venue she likes. My parents think it's too far from the church, but I've told them this is not a battle they will win. Please also know that from the venue, my sister sent her fiancé to the car to get something and en route to the car he lost the car keys. I'm not really sure how one does that (and if anyone is going to know how to do that it'll be me). I don't think you'll be surprised to learn that was her only set of keys for that car (she's lost the others), so they had to tow it to a dealership to get a new key made. #Jesustakethewedding.

- My sister has already bought two vases she got on sale at Marshall's that she may want to use as centerpieces. For her wedding that is fourteen months away. That she hasn't set a date for. And she wants us to go to our Marshall's and see if there are anymore there. #Jesustakethewedding.

- She has started the pinterest binge-ing. Each night it is something different. Dresses one night. Bridesmaids dresses another. Cakes. Shoes. Venue. Bouquets. My Pinterest feed is getting whiter and navy-er and peach-er by the minute. #Jesustakethewedding

- Speaking of bridesmaids, she's said that I will be one. Of ten. With four house party members. That's not a bridal party- that's a bridal fleet. #Jesustakethewedding.

- As for the date, she's finally picked one. Tonight, she sent me the following text:
"Hey, I know it's such a long ways away, but what about April 23, 2016? For our wedding date?"
I know I should be flattered that she is taking me into consideration, but that's a long way away, and truth be told, it's a bad week for me. It's the week of the STAAR tests. I went ahead and said it was fine, because why does it matter what I think of the date. It did take every ounce of self-control not to text back: "eh... that's the day after Earth Day, so it's a really bad time for me... is there another option?" #Iamgoingtohell #Jesustakethewedding

So, there you have it.
Wedding updates.
I'm sure there will be more.
And I'm sure the snark level will skyrocket.

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