Monday, February 16, 2015

If I knew then...

Today, I'm thinking back to one year ago: February 16, 2014.

More specifically things that I now know to be true.

Things I didn't know one year ago:
- that I'd be searching all the sports stores around for a specific mouthguard and a specific whistle.
- that I'd be wearing leggings twice a week and feel more comfortable in them than sweats or jeans.
- that I'd be using an app on my phone to study for a rules test in line at the CFA.
- that I'd be looking into a hockey helmet... to put on my birthday list.
- that I'd choose to stretch first, before I chose to eat.
- that I'd drink a liter of water twice a week. (Now to get it to five to seven days a week...)
- that I'd have a specific bag of edamame used for the sole purpose of icing down my knee.
- that I'd regularly add epsom salts to my baths. Or even that I'd take regular baths (as opposed to my daily shower).
- that once a week I'd stay up until eleven pm. On a school night.

If you'd told me on Feb. 16, 2014 that these things would be true a year from then, I might believe you.

But some things- I don't know that I would have ever believed them.

I wouldn't have believed that I own and LOVE skinny jeans.
I wouldn't have believed that the number on the scale is not very far off from a year ago, but I'm the strongest I've ever been and I am actually very proud of that.
I wouldn't have believed that I have a whole host of new friends, that are some of the weirdest people I've ever met- and that I subsequently think they are some of the awesomest people I've ever met.
I wouldn't have believed that I would be teaching littles how to skate and fall- and that I'd be as good as I am at skating and falling. (You want to learn how to backwards skate or transition? Spend some time teaching littles- it becomes a necessity).
I wouldn't have believed that I am not where I originally wanted to be, but that's okay because I see that I'm right where I should be and where I'm supposed to be. (meaning- I've still got some stuff to learn)

I wouldn't have believed that I accept so much more about my body because I've been taught to look at it based on what I need it to do for me. I don't fill it with crap before practice because I know it's going to come up after doing laps if I do. I try to fill it up with water because it's going to sweat out everything in it if there's not a water reservoir somewhere. I stretch it out and ice it down and take care of it because the working parts are important to what I want to accomplish. I try to "find" my abs two to three times a week because if I don't find them, my body will not work the way I want it to work.

A year ago tonight, I texted Reckless to see what I should do if I wanted to try this derby thing. She told me to get a cheap mouthguard and that I could use a bicycle helmet if I had one. (What about me says I have a bicycle helmet?)

So, I started this derby thing, and I was horrible at it, but I kept going- something that was a miracle in and of itself.

And so far... it's been magic.

(But, a year ago, if you'd told me that my mother would say something stupid to me in Target, and I would hip check her into a display of throw pillows... I'd probably believe that. )

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